MSDS Verification Query Meth

Dear customers

Thank you for using the MSDS report verification system. Please read the following content before starting the query to ensure the correctness of the query. Thank you!

(1) Fill in the query column with the certificate number or enterprise ID number you need. All RoHS certificates applied by the enterprise can be seen through the ID number query.

(2) MSDS report system provides a group of certificate numbers to query at a time. Please fill in the next group after checking, do not input multiple groups of numbers continuously.

(3) All certificate query passwords are input in 123456

(4) If you have any questions, please contact MSDS customer service personnel or email Inform. thank you!

(5) You can also email the certificate in question to Or MSDS report issued by the certification authority, thank you!

(6) For example, NZXT brand, enterprise ID number input NZXT, password input 123456, you can query all the certificates of NZXT. NPS020070822

(7) For example, if you want to query the report number, you can enter the report number of NPS02070822 and the password of 123456 to find the information of this certificate.